Personalized posters: add character to your home

A fulfilling life begins where we feel comfortable. For many, that means their own four walls; because there we are safe and can recover from the stresses of everyday life. It is therefore all the more important that these rooms also suit us; reflect our character. Custom posters are the best way to liven up your home. This turns bare walls into your personal temple. You will recognize yourself in your home. Hand on heart: is there anything nicer? But it doesn't have to be just about your home. Individualized posters are also ideal as a gift for a birthday, anniversary, birth, wedding or Mother's Day. In this way you give them a unique and lasting pleasure. The poster is a symbol of your shared memories, which will now last forever. That way, you can keep your connection for years to come. With our wide range of designs you can get inspiration to create the perfect poster.

Endless options for your poster
With us you have the opportunity to create something special and individual. Something that only exists once in the world. We give you all the freedom you can imagine. On our homepage you will find countless examples with which you can be inspired. We show you how motifs can be combined with different fonts to create a very specific emotion. A curved font, for example, can appear very dynamic. Combined with other motifs and colors, however, it can evoke nostalgia. It's all up to how you want to implement it. Do you have a specific idea for which our catalog is not sufficient? No problem! Just write us a message. We are always happy to accept special requests. Together we will find a solution to make your desired poster a reality!

Your home will be unique with personal posters
You have probably already furnished your living space according to your taste: flowers, tables, chairs and much more - everything to make you feel more "at home". However, a huge part is often left out: the walls. But wrongly! They can become your personal gallery. You have the opportunity to design them in such a way that they ideally suit you. With our personalized posters you can present them exactly as you imagined. How you do that is entirely up to your creativity. Each room can represent a different side of you: a calm and balanced motif in the office, maybe something funny in the bathroom...or something completely different?
Whatever your decision, we have the right option for you to customize your poster. Our supplementary posters are particularly popular. You can complete your walls with a large selection of motifs. Let off steam, because there is a lot to discover: Whether it's typography, landscapes or something else - you'll find it here. You are infinitely versatile, and your walls should reflect that too.

Personalized posters: creativity and environmental protection
What unites us at ashk® is a passion for the unique. It is important to us that we can express our personalities. The home in particular should radiate character. Custom posters are a great way to achieve this goal. The implementation is at least as important as the ideas. Designs can only really be staged if they are right. That's why we use high-quality and sustainable material for our customizable posters. All personalized posters are printed on premium matte paper in fine art quality. This ensures balanced contrasts, sharp contours and brilliant colors. This is how your personalized poster becomes a real highlight!
But that's not all: Especially today, environmental protection is more important than ever. We are aware of the responsibility we bear as a start-up. Therefore, all of our paper comes from sustainable German forestry. In this way we avoid long transport distances, which represent an additional – and unnecessary – burden on our beautiful planet. In addition, we only print each poster after we have received the order. With this we want to do our small part to make our society a bit greener.
With your personalized poster from ashk® you will bring more life into your home and ensure that your rooms fit you exactly. But you can just as well make a friend, your partner or your parents very happy. Our personalized posters are perfect for strengthening relationships and immortalizing moments. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and have fun!